Ontario 4

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The Ontario 4 is a premium-quality, durable, and lightweight tent that can accommodate the entire family. It will fit onto any framed-out trailer, SUV, or truck with ease.

Soft shell rooftop design
High-density foam mattress
Simple assembly and disassembly
Option of an Annex included
Suitable for four people
This tent has been designed to accommodate a family of four with luxe comfort, as well as any furry friends you want to bring along for the trip!

Not only does this tent deliver in terms of size, but it offers a range of qualities that make it an excellent choice. this includes the durable and strong aluminum frame, as well as the comfortable high-density foam mattress, which will make you feel like you are sleeping at home. Comfort is assured.

The canopy has also been created to provide ultimate protection, ensuring you are safeguarded from UV rays, mildew, mold, and the rain.

When purchasing Ontario 4 from Hutch Tents, you have the option of splitting the cost into manageable monthly payments.